Welcome to Seaside Country Festival!

The Seaside Country Festival will be bringing the whole caboodle of country lifestyle to the Baltic Sea for the first time ever! This is where a country mini-break and music event come together. What’s more, there is a fantastic fringe programme to boot. During the two days of the festival, we will be presenting concerts by international stars of the scene as well as numerous side events such as campfires, workshops, electric bull riding, country shops and Western spectacles such as horseshoe pitching, a shooting gallery and high striker. So, saddle up those horses and come experience a one-of-a-kind weekend by the sea with kindred spirits!

The ticket price includes two overnight stays in the Weissenhaeuser Strand Holiday Park with all its amenities exclusively at your disposal.

Bands coming soon!


Campfire on the Beach

If the weather is nice, we will light a campfire on the beach on both days of the festival. There will be campfire twist bread, ember-roasted potatoes and who knows? Maybe one or two of the musicians might just wander over for an unplugged session…

Beach Horseback Riding

What would the festival be without its own riding stable? Here children who have experience riding can help out with cleaning and mucking out and even go out riding (for a fee). Our experienced riding teachers are looking forward to a ride together through the dunes and along the beach.

Country Market

The shops in the Galleria have everything your country heart desires plus things you may still need for your kit such as hats, boots, belts or metal signs. Welcome to Germany’s northernmost shopping centre!